Business lunch menu at Asparagus restaurant

We have super news !!!

Taking into account the needs of our guests, we implement a business lunch menu for all tastes:

№1 “European”

Meat soup

Mushroom salad with basil sauce

Chicken in pancetta with pumpkin mousse

№2 “Country”

Chicken broth with noodles

Beetroot and marinated pumpkin salad with oil

Vareniks with meat, cream sauce and tongue

№3 “Easy”

Borsch with pie with cheese and herbs

Grilled vegetable salad

Cheesecakes with sour cream

№4 “Classic”

Mushroom cream soup

Greek salad

Veal cheeks with saffron risotto

№5 “Ukrainian”

Borsch with dumplings

Homemade cheese and greens salad

Potato pancakes with vegetable sauce

The cost is 220.00

Additionally: own pastries + UAH 25.00


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