Rules of stay on the territory of the recreation complex “Kryve Ozero” during quarantine

Dear our guests, from 15.05.2020 we are waiting for you at our summer playground every day from 11:00 to 23:00.

For your safety, please follow the rules as recommended by the government.


Dear visitors, we are glad to welcome you and ask you to follow our rules according to the government’s recommendations. If you have symptoms of SARS – stay home!

Stay on the territory is allowed only in masks (except for the period of food consumption) with respect to social distance. You must undergo a temperature screening before entering the area. In case of elevated temperature, more than 37.2, we will be forced to deny you a stay on the territory of the Complex.

Please get out of the car so that our employee can safely measure the temperature and provide appropriate recommendations on the rules of stay on the territory of the Recreation Complex and on the summer playground. The employee may ask several questions about the lack of contact with patients with Covid-19 and how you feel.

There are hand disinfection stations at the entrance and near the summer playground. No more than two people are allowed to sit at the table (excluding children under 14). It is allowed to use the toilet, which is located on the street, the entrance to the restaurant – is prohibited. For your safety, we carry out complete disinfection before and after the opening of the summer playground and surrounding areas. After each visitor we carry out wet cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. We check the well-being of our employees with an entry in the Health Magazine.

Utensils, appliances, equipment after each use, immersed in a special disinfectant solution, which is certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and undergoes high-temperature treatment in a dishwasher.

The safety of staff and our guests is the greatest value!

Have a nice rest! Bless you!

With love to each Guest, Kryve Ozero Holiday Complex!

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