What kind of vacation without a souvenir to remember?

Especially if it is useful, high quality and with the favorite hero of all our children – Ozzy. On the shelf of our souvenir shop you can buy:

Children's T-shirt with chipmunk Ozzy

An exclusive gift for the little ones in memory of the chipmunk Ozzy, a resident of the Land of Amazing Adventures in Krуve Ozero.
170 ₴

Branded cup with Ozzy

Branded cup of Ozzy for children and with the logo of the recreation complex for adults, so that the memories of a holiday in Kryve Ozero would warm you every day during tea.
170 ₴

Inflatable oversleeves

Ozzy oversleeves for safe swimming of children in the pool.

Set for creativity

Coloring Ozzy's life stories and pencils.
80 ₴

Ozzy toy

Handmade, accurate mini-interpretation of our fairy-tale hero - Ozzy, in good memory of the bright moments of meeting with the favorite of all children.
750 ₴
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