Wood sauna

The recreation complex “Kryve Ozero” invites you to visit the sauna on the wood. It is a useful and pleasant holiday with a partnership for up to 12 people.

The facility has two separate rooms (a lounge room, a steam room, a cold dip pool, a shower, a bucket) with a pool.

Cost of 1 sauna (minimum order of the sauna – 2 hours):

450.00 UAH/hour (up to 4 people)

Additionally for a person, more than four people (6+) – 50 UAH/hour/person

Swimming in the pool* – 60 UAH/hour/person

* for the period of booking without a sauna.

The cost of the sauna includes:

  • Sauna with a lounge room and a contrasting pool for diving
  • Hair dryer
  • Swimming pool with a bridge
  • broom
  • bedsheet
  • teapot
  • dining utensils and dishes
  • cable TV
  • Room modifications


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