Celebrate the New Year with Kryve Ozero

Book a New Year's weekend in Kryve Ozero to not only have fun in 2022, but also to have a good rest!

A festive New Year's program is waiting for you in Event Hall! The host of the holiday is charismatic @yura_mykhayliv, the dance floor will be lit by DJ RostiX.

Unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions will be created by: competitions, thematic photo area, gifts from the institution, sweet buffet and unlimited champagne🎄🥂

The highlight of the holiday is gourmet dishes from the chef of the Asparagus restaurant.


Cold snacks:

Fish plate

(Butter, salmon, salmon caviar, canapes)

Cheese palette

(Cheeses: Brie, Dorblyu, Parmesan, with truffles and white mushrooms)

Italian antipasti

(Salami Milano, salami Chorizo, Parma ham)

Assorted pâtés

(Trio of pate, French baguette, cranberry sauce)

Assorted bruschettas

(With prosciutto and pear, with tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, with cheese and pesto sauce)

Salad Caesar with shrimp

Salad Olivier with veal

Salad roll Fur coat

Hot snacks and main dishes:

Duck fillet in Porto sauce with fruit salsa

Set grill New Year

(Salmon medallions, pork steak, chicken steak, grilled vegetables, grilled corn, baked pumpkin, sliced potatoes, two types of sauces)

Sweet buffet


Berry juice

Unlimited champagne



Cold snacks:

Canapes with ham

Canapes with salmon

Salad Olivier in the basket

Hot breakfast:

Burger with marble veal

Main dishes:

Chicken fillet skewers, potato dips and sauce

Sweet buffet


Berry juice

Reserve of tables: 📞 + 38067 333 16 16
Hotel reservation: 380 + 38067 333 15 15