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Crooked Lake is the beginning of a new bright story of your spouse and the embodiment of the most cherished dreams of a perfect wedding

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The unique advantages of organizing a wedding in Kryve Ozero are:

• Location: Kryve Ozero recreation complex is located near Lviv, in the heart of the coniferous forest, and its calling card is the lake of the same name with a picturesque landscape. This place is an ideal, naturally beautiful location for an unforgettable wedding day
• Exquisite and elegant Event Hall banquet hall
• Possibility of comfortable accommodation of guests in the hotel
• Wedding venue with a living arch on site
• Qualified management with many years of experience

Wedding organization

Do you dream of a small cozy wedding ceremony or are you planning a loud wedding that will be remembered by all guests? Every wedding is unique and we make every effort to offer the best conditions for celebrating your special day.

From the moment you book the wedding date, a team of experienced professionals from Kryve Ozero will work closely and with great attention to detail to implement all your wedding plans. All you need is to let us into your dreams!




Event Hall

Wedding banquets take place in the Event Hall, which is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 220 people. Elegant design in light tones successfully emphasizes the atmosphere of a bright wedding day, and at the request of the bride and groom becomes a wonderful field for the boldest decorations.

All aspects of the wedding banquet, including the menu, are adapted to the tastes of the bride and groom in close collaboration with the chef and manager of the Asparagus restaurant. They provide the couple with valuable information and individual suggestions for the banquet menu.
In the hotel


Every fairy tale has a happy ending

And what could be better than a comfortable stay in the spacious and elegant rooms of the Kryve Ozero Hotel on your wedding night? Treat yourself and your guests to a good night’s sleep and a sumptuous breakfast in the Asparagus Restaurant in the morning.

Make Kryve Ozero the place of your wedding - the holiday of creating your family will be remembered by you and your guests only by unforgettable moments!

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