Getting together is the beginning,
Sticking together is progress,
Working together is a success! 
Henry Ford
With the advent of spring, everyone has a desire to relax in the fresh air.

Therefore, it is time to think about formation of team spirit and development of corporate culture of the firm. The secret of successful teamwork is in simple things - trust, mutual respect, mutual assistance, hard work and a sense of enthusiasm for each employee. Professionalism is always needed in everything, especially when it comes to creating team spirit.
Properly set priorities, a clear understanding of the purpose of the event and quality organization will lead to the desired result. We propose to implement  Here are 5 tips for building a friendly team from John Gordon (American speaker and founder of the online platform Positive University, where people tell their own success stories): 
  • A good team is distinguished by unity. "We" are always more than "I", so team interests must be higher than personal ones.
  • Teams need a leader. Such a person creates a friendly atmosphere, determines the rules of the game, helps each team member to be more productive.
  • The key to effective teamwork - control by team members of their own attitude to work, efforts and actions. You need to be aware of the responsibility for your own actions, to understand how they will affect the work of the team.
  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere in the middle of the team. We must work together to analyze defeats and celebrate victories.
  • Quality team communication for coordinated and productive work.
Teambuilding - one of the most effective methods of personnel management.
Recreation complex Krive Ozero - the perfect place to hold corporate meetings, teambuildings, conferences
It combines the atmosphere of beautiful nature with a professional approach to providing quality service to each guest. 
Large area in the pine forest, two restaurants, dishes that will satisfy the tastes of the most discerning gourmets, exquisite Event Hall for 200 people, spacious conference rooms for 120 and 70 people, comfortable rooms, saunas, catamaran rental, fishing - everything you need for successful and efficient west.

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