Vacation with pets


We know how difficult it is to part with the smallest friends, so we are happy to announce that we can accommodate small breed dogs.

Requirements for dogs:

  • small dogs of non-fighting breeds
  • up to 30 cm at the withers
  • weight up to 3 kg

The accommodation of animals in the hotel is allowed in the number of no more than one in one room.

Accommodation with dogs is allowed only in designated rooms of the Cottage Building. The additional payment is 50% from the cost of one night's stay (regardless of the length of stay of the Guest).

Guests arriving at the hotel with animals must present a valid veterinary passport.

Accommodation with animals is possible only upon prior request via the Hotel reception phone!

Vacation booking:

+38 (067) 333 15 15 - Reception (round the clock, you can write on Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp)