St. Andrew's Party is a fun and colorful holiday that gave young boys and girls the opportunity to get to know each other better, communicate and have fun after hard work.

Researchers note that parties were held in villages even in the first half of the twentieth century. And, according to folklorists, now this folk tradition is being revived.

This year our guests had the opportunity to attend parties in Poltava. The chef of the restaurant, a native of Poltava, demonstrated the traditional Poltava cuisine with dumplings, dumplings with peas and beans, pork in the dough, cooked in the oven. Unconventional for Galicia borsch with duck and dumplings, veal ham with grout, beans with onions and garlic. After wine tasting, guests enjoyed the colorful atmosphere and traditional music.

We are proud and follow the traditions of our people!

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